Friday, 17 November 2017

Fatherless (First Volume of a Trilogy) by Brian J Gail

Paperback:  Called "a book of the century", powerful, gripping, deeply moving, hauntingly beautiful, masterfully done, a must read and a freight train page turner, Fatherless (2013, Third Edition) is an intensely human tour of the great spiritual battles in the US Catholic church during the late 20th century.

Brian Gail takes us out into the "trenches" and shows what life was like for Catholics, good and bad, during this critical time.  This book is a great opportunity for Catholics to take hold of who they really are.

Meticulously researched, brilliantly crafted, Fatherless takes the reader on an unforgettable journey inside Fortune 500 boardrooms and Madison Avenue screening rooms, behind one-way mirrors in America's heartland and two-way screens in church confessionals, to the very peak of Ireland's highest mountain and inside the papal dining room of John Paul II in Rome.

It is the searing journey to the centre of conscience, however, that marks Fatherless as the signature Catholic novel of its generation.  In its pages we meet flesh and blood characters - noble and flawed, driven and seeking;  each struggling to achieve the American Dream but discovering instead a uniquely American nightmare.

How each confronts the reality of ethical and moral dilemmas - while struggling to balance faith, family, and career - goes to the very heart of the Catholic experience in America in the late 20th and early 21st centuries.

This is a tale you will never forget.

About the author:  Brian J. Gail was a schoolboy baseball phenomenon recruited by Division One universities and scouted by Major League baseball teams;  he suffered a disabling shoulder injury early in his college career and was sent to the Philadelphia Phillies team doctor whose efforts to help him regain his exceptional pitching velocity were unsuccessful.

Fueled by a white hot competitive fire and magnetic rhetorical gifts, he rocketed to the top of the Madison Avenue advertising world in his mid-30s only to see his career derailed by a great moral business dilemma and a direct challenge to his Catholic faith.  A gifted entrepreneur and CEO, he provided strategic marketing counsel to elite Fortune 500 corporations and directed a variety of non-profit boards focused on assisting the underprivileged in Philadelphia.

Today, Brian J Gail is a critically acclaimed author, a Knight of the Immaculate, a co-founder of three catholic classical academies, a patent holder, and a highly sought after speaker on matters of faith and family.  Brian’s remarkable novel Fatherless is published by Emmaus Road Publishing and has become a powerful tool for catechesis.

Brian married his high school sweetheart, Joan Mary Kain, 40 years ago and they were blessed with seven children including two sets of identical twins and one set of “Irish twins.”  Brian has touched many lives with his optimism, humour, and unwavering Faith in Our Lady and the truths of the Catholic Church.  He and his lovely wife, Joan, divide their time between homes in Villanova, Pennsylvania and Jupiter Island, Florida.

Rating:  5/5